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Rapid Mixer Granulator

Mixer Granulators are used for premixing of dry powders, wet granulation and for lubrication of tableting formulations. Used mainly in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry where a process of mixing, coating and granulation is required in a single equipment before tableting of the material. High speed choppers are provided for breaking of lumps and producing granules.


SFMG 250 200 30
SFMG 500 400 40
SFMG 1000 800 85




The machine shall be complete with the Mixing Bowl, Main Mixing Blades, Granulating Blades, Bottom Pneumatic Discharge, Motors, Gear Box, Starter Panel & the Control Panel.

1. Mixing Bowl :

  1. The mixing bowl is circular with a large diameter and flat base. The top portion of the bowl is conical in shape to assist circulation of cohensive powders.
  2. Constructed from SS AISI SS 304 with all internal and external surfaces highly polished with grain grade 180.
  3. A large diameter tube surrounds the drive shaft where it enters the base of the bowl. The main drive, shaft seal is on the top of this tube and thus well above the normal powder level. The SHAFT SEAL is further improved by AUTOMATIC AIR PURGE.
  4. The seal housing and drive shaft may be flushed with cleaning water, which is then drained away from the machine through built in drain tubes

2. Granulator :

  1. A high speed Granulator is inserted horizotally through the well of the bowl to assist blending of powder and to break the product to granules.
  2. The granulator rotates at two speeds - 1500 / 3000 RPM.
  3. The granulator head is of highly polished Stainless Steel and removable for cleaning.
  4. The Granulator shaft where it enters the bowl is incorporate with SEAL.
  5. A two speed motor non-flame- proof is provided and a removable stainless steel shroud covers the motors to simplify cleaning.

3. Bottom Discharge Valve :

  1. It is provided on the side of the bottom, operated by an S.S. Spindle connected to a pneumatic cylinder. In closed position, the gate is flushed with contour of the bowl.
  2. A cover with removable silicone rubber seal gives unrestricted access into the chute for easy cleaning.
  3. A Safety grill fitted to the discharge chute is provided.
  4. A safety lock with a removable key to prevent the discharge valve and both motors operating when the discharge chute is open.
  5. The pneumatic cylinder is covered by a stainless steel shroud to simplify cleaning.
  6. All internal and external surfaces of the discharge valve assembly are of polished stainless steel.

4. Machine Base & Drive :

  1. Rigid machine base frame made from welded MS square section is designed to accomodate the mixing Bowl and the control panel.
  2. The machine base is totally enclosed and removable cover give access to motor gear box and belt drive inside the machine base. Removable SS covers finished to grade 180, with louvers for ventilation, are provided on all side of the machine base frame.

5. Main Drive :

  • Motor TEFC.2 Speed motor.
  • Speed 750 /1500 RPM.
  • Non-Flame proof. Continuous rating.
  • Ambient temp. 50O C, Power transmission.
  • V Belt drive.
  • Reduction Gear :
  • Mounting : Inverted output shaft.
  • Projecting upwards.

6. Granulator Chopper Drive Motor :

  • Motor TEFC.
  • Pole Changing.
  • 2 speed motor : Horizontal Flange.
  • Mounted 1500 / 3000 RPM.
  • Non Flame Proof.
  • Ambient Temp 50O C

7. Control Panel :

  • Switch Gears, Fuses, Relays etc. shall be contained.

8. Starter Panel :

The starter panel contains motor starters, indicator lamps push buttons, control for discharge valve 2 times and also carries one ammeter each for the main and the granulator motors. These are contained in a S.S. 304 sheet Metal panel of sturdy approved design. It is mounted on the machine itself for easy operatability.

Safety locks keys are fitted to prevent the two motors and discharge valve operating unless their respective covers are locked shut.

A pressure activated switch prevents mixer from starting when the compressed air system fail. The pneumatic circuit would consist of a high pressure line 40 / 50 psi with filter cum regulator.

9. General :

  1. All internal and external surfaces of the :
    • Mixing bowl.
    • Mixing bowl cover.
    • Agitator.
    • Granulator.
    • Discharge chute are constructed of S.S. 304.
  2. All other MS part of the machine are cladded to SS 304.
  3. All parts of the machine are designed for easy cleaning and hosing with water.
  4. All electrical / pneumatic parts are pre-wired.
  5. The seals of the mixing bowl cover discharge chute and inspection ports are easily removable and cleanable.
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